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About Us

ChildLink was designed and developed by yhere.com.

yhere.com harnesses the power of the internet to bring you  a secure, reliable and complete childcare management system designed for both parents and child care professionals. yHere.com is a leading application service provider that specilizes in child care management systems.

The founders of yhere.com, collectively, have 20 years experience in the child care industry and in web development. Together they bring you a solution second to none!

The seamless integration of ChildLink, along with all of the features and functionality, will quickly increase the relationship between parents and child care professionals.

Having a team effort has proven to increase the quality of care that the child receives. Parents can now help with some of the administrative tasks associated with childcare. Childcare professionals can now be assured that the parents see all aspects of their child’s day.

Best of all, because of the internet, childcare professionals and parents can access ChildLink from anywhere - anytime!


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